1997 marks the first employment of Help Center graduates, in Juffali and Gandour factories as well as at the Help Center.

The Help Center has integrated vocational orientation and pre-employment training in its pre-workshop program to provide its graduates with the skills and capabilities to perform specific jobs, after their graduation from the Help Center.

Our Vocational Orientation Supervisors are constantly seeking employment opportunities for our graduates. Once identified, training begins on the specific requirements of the job, both at the Help Center and in the workplace -- until graduation. Our trained graduates then assume their duties in the workplace first for a probation period; an employment contract is drawn and signed by all parties; then the graduate becomes an actual member of the workforce.

As at 2014, the Help Center has graduated 180 students - 106 males and 74 females - of which 41 males are working in factories and different corporates , while 21 females are working in various educational institutions (schools and colleges).

The main difficulties experienced in employing adults with intellectual disabilities are:

- Employers & Co-Workers' Awareness
- Employee's Safety
- Transportation (especially for females).