One of the most important goals of the Help Center is to make society more aware of the rights of this population so that they can be easily integrated. This can be accomplish by having various programs for interested members of the community.
Volunteer Program

Every volunteer to join the Help Center brings new and innovative ideas which play an important role in maintaining the level of creativity at the center. The services and support provided by our volunteers are important factors that fulfill Help Center’s vision as it is a non-profit organization.


Below are a few of the volunteer programs found at the Help Center:

  • Youth Program

It is a program targeting the young, allowing them the opportunity to give their time and inspired notions for the benefit of society; in return they become more aware of persons with intellectual disabilities and benefit from new experiences by working directly with our boys and girls at the center.


  • Retirees and Senior Citizens Program (+55 years)

It is a program designed for retirees and senior citizens above the age of 55 as the Help Center realizes the importance of benefiting from their valuable experience. Volunteering would help them get out of their homes by becoming involved in shaping the community. This is an chance for senior citizens to avoid the sense of isolation and pass on their priceless expertise and indispensable knowledge to our boys and girls.


  • Desert Helpers Program (+21 years)
The Desert Helpers is a program for HC alums to give back to their community. By working in areas of their expertise, these "helpers" serve their social responsibility through different volunteer jobs, and also ensure ongoing progress in their given skill set
Community Service Program
We offer community service hours for students from the community who wish to render their services to the Center either to meet the requirements of a class, such as in the case of service learning or to meet the requirements of graduation.  
Internship Program
We have reasons why we would like to recommend the opportunity to propose internship for future nurse, therapist, teacher, etc. We could be of assistance to create a circle of knowledge about intellectual disabilities and feel that we have the duty to support those who are looking for involvement in this worthwhile endeavor.
Newsletter and Other Publications
In this digital age where access to internet is quite widespread, printed information still has its benefits. We would like to reach out the community through our flyers and pamphlets about the information our facility has to offer and promote the awareness of an existing organization. We do, however, have the electronic version of the newsletter for all the tech savvy people who wants to communicate with us through the email.