Since its establishment, the Help Center has been actively participating in all private and Government events and activities related to disability.

The Help Center encourages open dialogue between specialized centers as well as academia. Professionals from the Help Center regularly meet with their counterparts from other specialized centers, institutes and establishments to exchange and update information.

Additionally, professionals from related sectors of the community as well as undergraduate university students regularly seek training at the Help Center.

Many professionals at the Help Center are formally certified in several expert fields to offer training and certificates to members of the community.
Our specialized departments provide workshops and short-term training courses on specific fields of interest to professionals as well as undergraduate university students.
Forums and Festivals

VSA arts - KSA First National Festival, 29-30 May 1996.

The First National Seminar on Early Diagnosis and Early Intervention, 7-8 January 1997. RECOMMENDATIONS

"Music in Education" Workshop, 3-4 February 1997.

The Second National Seminar on Practical Approaches to Understanding Your Child's Behavior, 10-13 November 1997. RECOMMENDATIONS

VSA arts - KSA 2nd National Festival " Saudi Heritage and Ethnic Arts", 13-14 May 1998.

"Arts for All" Workshop, 6-10 May 2000.

The Third National Seminar on Integrating & Employing People with Special Needs in the Society", 1-3 May 2001. RECOMMENDATIONS

"SAORI Weaving" Workshop, 19-23 May 2001.

Two groups of 20 nurses from the King Khaled National Guard Hospital were trained by our Early Intervention Team. This resulted in the recent establishment of the Early Intervention Section at the hospital, the first of its kind in the Western Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"Costless Arts for Children Under Five" Recycling Workshop, 2-3 April 2002.

Training on MAKATON sign language that was offered by our Speech and Audiology Department to undergraduate students at Dar El Hekma College. Each participant received an official certificate.

2009 – Conference on Young Adults & Beyond… towards a secure & stable future. RECOMMENDATIONS