We are a philanthropic non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of persons with intellectual disabilities, from as early as birth to young adulthood and beyond. We seek means by which we can empower and integrate our children to participate fully and assume a rightful place in society, thereby attaining a fair chance at life.
The Help Center began operations in November 1985.
It soon became apparent that many children with intellectual disabilities required special services that were not available in either the hospitals or regular school settings. These children needed to be taught by specialists who understood the complexities of their problems and who could devise programs to help them live and integrate as independents within the larger community.
From these humble beginnings, the Help Center gradually grew to become a full-fledged institution dedicated to catering to the needs of children with intellectual disabilities, and to their development using various specialized programs and activities.
In October 1993, the late Sheikh Ahmad Juffali, founder of the Help Center, laid the founding stone to the 43,000 square meters state-of-the art premises of the Help Center. The facilities were completed in September 1995. Currently more than 350 children are enrolled at the Help Center, attended to by 150 specialists and devoted staff.
We strive to continue with the help of God the Almighty, to meet the needs of our children and their families both mentally and physically, and persist in raising awareness about the rights of intellectual disabled people within our community.