January 2007 saw the inauguration of The Help Center’s alumni sports and recreation club; Dirat Ajdadi. Dirat Ajdadi opens its doors to all Help Center alumni from the age of 18 years and above.

This sister club is open from Sunday to Thursday between 9am-1pm for girls and 2-5pm for boys.

Dirat Ajdadi is a recreational social club whereby graduates of the Help Center are free to explore and cultivate their talents within the facilities provided. It is a daily safe haven for the alumni to get together and socialize. This club provides a variety of activities including sports and arts, and vocational services. There is no imposed schedule or curriculum, each and every individual is free to play, interact and create as he or she so wishes. .
Fully qualified members of staff are on hand to attend and assist the need of each individual. Reports on every graduate are passed onto the staff at Dirat Ajdadi, from The Help Center’s clinical and educational departments, making sure they are fully familiar and aware of each individual’s capabilities, health and dietary requirements. The members of staff work together to create a familial, homely environment, acting as mentors and facilitators.

The facilities span over two floors and consist of a fully equipped arcade games room, a gymnasium, arts and craft room, electronic games room, silkscreen printing facilities, wood workshop, barber and beauty salon, candle and soap making facilities, outdoor pool, basket ball court and football pitch. The aim is to provide a familiar and inviting environment for our graduates – employed or unemployed- to still belong to a social group dynamic and stay in touch with school friends and colleagues. By virtue of that, parents sustain a support network for themselves and their children.

Towards the end of the year, the crafts produced by the graduates are sold at The Help Center’s annual Bazaar in addition to many other outlets. All proceeds are re-invested back into Dirat Ajdadi, by buying new materials in order to sustain their production.