Dirat Ajdadi


Dirat Ajdadi

January 2007 remarks the inauguration of The Help Center’s alumni sports and recreation club; Dirat Ajdadi. Dirat Ajdadi open its doors to all Help Center’ alumni from the age of 18 years and above. It is a recreational social club whereby our graduates are free to explore and cultivate their talents within the facilities provided. It is a daily safe haven for the alumni to get together and socialize.

The club provides a variety of activities including sports, arts, vocational services, and sheltered workshops.
Employment Program ( 19+ yrs )

After the completion of the vocational orientation program, both our young men and women become aware of their own capabilities and skills that will help them in finding employment, as well as the obstacles and difficulties that they may face in the workplace. With the help of their vocational orientation supervisors, they start by writing their personal resume. Then, the supervisors begin searching for places of work which would be suitable to their abilities; an assessment of the workplace as well as job evaluation are performed. The supervisors also train a given workplace on how to deal with this population, and make sure their rights are met and understood by all working with them.

360 Degree Program

360 Degree Program is a combination of 3 programs; the Help Center employment program that includes parents, Dirat Ajdadi an adult social program and the workplace. The aim of this program is to ensure that persons with intellectual disabilities have the necessary coping mechanism that will guarantee a smooth transition into healthy, happy, productive adult life.

Al Diwaniah

Al-Diwaniyah includes Help Center graduates over 27 years of age. It opens the opportunity for them to act independently, take decisions and take on responsibility.

Diwaniyah Objectives:

  • – Proving the right of adult persons with intellectual disabilities to independence. Through the “diwaniyah”, the opportunity is provided for self-reliance and to act freely.
  • – Helping to maintain physical, psychological and health fitness.