Al-Aoun Flashcards for Speech and Language Development

These flash-cards’ box was designed for developing children’s language skills (Receptive and Expressive). The box contains four categories:

  • – Nouns
  • – Verbs
  • – Adjectives
  • – Prepositions

The cards can be used by speech language clinicians, professional in other domains, and caregivers. Furthermore, the box contains an instruction cards on how to apply some activities to stimulate language.

“Come Cook with me”

booklet presents a summary of the recipes prepared during “Come Cook with me” campaign that our children made in partnership with master chefs. The campaign aims to encourage healthy lifestyles for persons with intellectual disabilities.

“Hakatha Atallam”

series are designed to teach the basics of reading and writing for children with intellectual disabilities and others.

Mint Cardamom & ginger

This book is a collection of real stories and drawing by the children of Help Center. It expresses the love, tender, hope and the expectations sometimes and shock and denial some other times…

Start Samll… Grow slowly… Make a Difference

In this book, author Maha Juffali -offers a guide detailing how the nonprofit center was started, how it functions, and the lessons learned during thirty years of service. From its early days, the Help Center served just three clients and now assists 350 students. Through a holistic approach, providing a range of both educational and therapeutic services to the children and their families. The book offers tips and guidance for those who seek to open and operate a similar philanthropic nonprofit of their own.

Little Kaffak

To exploit and develop their capabilities in a way that they gain benefit in the future, we have put together the contents of this book, which includes activities for children with intellectual disabilities from 2-8yrs of age. These physical activities contribute to the development of the child’s cognitive and social skills as well as self-reliance. The book can be used as an applied guide for training young children with intellectual disability by their families, trainers, and specialists in this field.


this book has been developed in a manner suitable for persons with intellectual disability; the lessons can be modified and divided according to the age group, the capabilities, the available tools, and time, taking into consideration not to jump from a skill to another, until the player mastered the previous skill.

My Beloved Mom & Dad

A guiding method to seek the help of those with expertise in the field of caring for infants with intellectual disabilities, and to confirm that there will be a significant development if the child is treated with love, tenderness, knowledge, and patience.