Over the years, the Help Center has developed many support programs to serve as safety nets, not only for the children entrusted in the hands of our specialists, but also their extended families.
The Fathers' Support Program
We consider the involvement of the father as an important requirement in establishing the relationship between the family and the Center. As mothers are the primary caretakers in the family, fathers must be well informed regarding his child’s development. Fathers are made to broaden their perspective and expectations about their child’s future through workshops and sessions and to get involved in all activities the Center offers.
The Grandparents Support Program
The grandparents of children enrolled at the Help Center provides a solid ground to acquire information firstly about their grandchildren, secondly, to make available for them a healthy and hospitable hub to express their feelings and lastly, to introduce them about the different programs offered at the center beneficial to their needs.
The Siblings Support Program
This program aims to provide a platform for support, discussions and rich exchange of experiences between siblings of families with intellectual disabilities. It also serves as a learning center on how to deal and cope with their older or younger brother or sister in preparation for the future.
The Linking Support Program
This program provides a parent-to-parent platform for parents whose children have been enrolled at the Help Center for several years. Parents share their experiences with the new parents, provide them guidance to ease their emotional stress and support them during difficult moments.
My Family and I after the Help Center
This program functions as a security shield to ensure those who finished the Early Intervention (E.I.) Program and the ones 18 and above, so that they will continue to have productive life after the center. This program includes several phases, where the Social Department will arrange different meetings with the children’s families, therapeutic departments and educational department to discuss the children’s future, from all aspects among them will be for other facilities, vocational training, employment opportunities and sheltered work-shops. Family will be provided with guideline booklets to help the transition smoothly.