2010 till 2015

-Implemented modern technology in children’s educational curriculum such as smart boards/tables and touch screen computers, as well as setting up Baboonej Lounge.
-Initiated the I-Help Campaign by gathering used IPads and IPhones.
-Established educational counseling to promote inclusion awareness.
-Proprietary Assessment tools for arts/crafts, reading/ writing/math and IT.
-Launched annual “Let’s Walk the Walk Together” Marathon.
-Introduced “Graduate Transition Planning Program”  for parents’ anxiety relief, “My family and I Program” , “360 Degrees Program for a better life” and the “Journey of employment diagram” for our alums.
-Shedding the light on employment rights spearheaded by our employed alumni the HR campaign by attending career fairs to advocate their abilities.
-Helped in establishing “Gandour Sheltered Workshop” for some of our alums.
-Established the “Medical Advisory Council” for the Help center.
-Developed “Internship Program” for university students and the “CSR Program” for companies who want to support our cause.
-Achieved "Hanen Spark Communication " certificates for senior staff members.
-Signed agreements with, Center of Excellence in Genomic Research, “Microsoft” and “King Abdulaziz University”.
-Published ‘Mint, Cardamom and Ginger”, “Habibty Mama Habibi Baba” and “Start Small, Grow Slowly, Make a Difference”, “Speech Language Developmental Flashcards”,  “This is How I Learn” series and “This is How I can Produce a Performance”.
-In 2011, Help Center organized sports week under the title of “Fire Bolt friendly Games”, as part of their 25 year anniversary celebration".
-Bequeathed “King Khalid Award” and “Makkah Excellence Award”.


2005 TILL 2010

  • We received the Golden Award for Saudization from the Ministry of Labor.
  • “Dirat Ajdady” was officially inaugurated as the Help Center's Alumni Sports and Recreational Club.
  • Continues to expand and grow to include a science laboratory “Abkareno”, outdoor farm, art studio and a library with around 2700 books.
  • 2 graduates won gold medals at the Paralympic Game in China.
  • An Alum triumphantly reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
  • 4th Symposium organized, titled "Young Adults & Beyond.. Towards a Secure & Stable Future" .
  • Awarded the runner-up award for the Chaillot Prize by the European Union Delegation.
  • "Desert Gazelles" Sports team was formed.
  • Female students joined “ Desert Knights” performing troupe, and travel, for the first time, outside the Kingdom for a performance in Kuwait.
  • 1st basketball game for the Females’ Team.

2000 TILL 2005

- The Alumni Club is established .
- Organized the 3rd Symposium on “Employment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities”.
- The “Desert Knights” performance troupe was created.
- Boys won gold and silver medals at “Alaab Al Quwa Kingdom Championship” for children with CP.
- Juffali Family receives an award at the First Special Needs Conference held in Riyadh.
- Children represented VSA-Arts KSA at the VSA South Africa Festival in Cape Town.
- The children participated in the VSA International Festival in Washington D.C.
- Help Center swimmers represented KSA at the MENA Region Special Olympics in Tunis and won (6) medals in total.
- Participated for the first time in the Special Olympics Game in Rhodes and won (4) medals in total.

1995 TILL 2000

- The current premises were inaugurated with 190 children enrolled and 120 employees.
- Late HRH Prince Majed bin Abdul Azziz Al-Saud officially inaugurated the current premises.
- 1500 families serviced by the Help Center; 274 children enrolled and the number of employees increases to 144.
- The Early Intervention Program's first printed publication entitled “Dear Mother.. Dear Father”.
- 1st Symposium on the importance of Early Intervention was held.
- Prince Sultan Bin Salman visits the Center after his space expedition.
- Former Prince (now King) Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Suad humbled the Center with his visit.
- Employment opportunities were created for the graduates of the Center by employing two pre-workshop boys at Gandour Industries and Juffali Factories.
- 2nd Symposium titled “Behavior Management”.
- Launched of our theatre productions debuting with the “Lion King” on the new stage.

1990 TILL 1995

- Early Intervention Program now holds 22 babies.
- Pre-school program was established.
- Pre-workshop program with 9 children, and 3 teachers.
- The Help Center's newsletter was published .
- First Mother's committee was established as well as the first Father's committee.
- First summer camp to be organized involving 16 children, followed by the first sports day and swimming Gala .
- Founding stone and time capsule of the new premises was placed by the late Sheikh Ahmed Juffali.
- Help center became representatives of VSA-arts in KSA.
- The library and music program were established.

1985 TILL 1990

- Birth of the Help Center with three children and three therapists.
- Started the morning and afternoon program for children (6-14yrs).
- Early Intervention Program was established.
- The first ever Medical Agreement with Bakhsh Hospital.
- Affiliates of Mencap, Inclusion International, Lebenshilfe, and International Portage Association.
- Started the ‘Art Program’.