The daily routines that are performed at the center offer practical opportunities for learning, therefore ensure that child will obtain the maximum degree of independency and self-reliance.

The kitchen and the educational apartment in the center, are typically adjusted for these lessons, and have been prepared with all the necessary tools and furniture requires for training. Continuous and direct communication with the family in this regard is necessary, as homes represent real opportunities for practice.


The accelerated mathematics, Arabic reading and writing Programs are set up for children from Pre-School (4-7 years) to Pre-Workshop (12-18 years). These programs are supplementary to the academic curriculum.

Innovative channels are introduced in the process of teaching, such as Interactive Smart Boards, computers and iPads with other resourceful materials.


From early on, sport was a key component of the Help Center’s development program, as there was a strong belief in the power of sports and its ability to empower our children and give them a sense of competence, and confidence in their capabilities.

Today, sport has gained an even greater importance, as we aim to raise awareness amongst our children about the importance of exercising to ensure healthy minds and bodies, and to avoid some of the health problems associated with lack of exercise and bad eating patterns. In 2009 the “Desert Gazelles” were formed- an exceptionally talented team comprised of Help Center and Dirat Ajdady sports enthusiasts, especially known for their love of basketball, football and swimming.


The aim in providing music to our children at the Help Center is to develop their abilities that are related to different aspects of life, therefore, giving them the opportunity to live the real events and moments in their lives, and also help in organizing their lives’ paths in a more conscious way and better understanding. Applying music in lessons’ contents as well as in daily routine of school’s life, e.g., songs or simple rhythms, ensures children’s beneficial from the positive aspects of music in understanding and memorizing those lessons more easily.


Drama is considered as one of the essential educational methods that has its positive impact on children’s rising, forming their attitudes and personality, and develop their potential and behavioral creativity.

We, at the Help Center, are keen to achieve those goals through arranging for dramatic work every two years, involving the Help Center’s children and their supervisors.


The Science Lab was established in 2006 to enable the children to do experiment and discover the new knowledge in the various fields of science and give them an opportunity to learn in a practical, easy and interesting way.