The Help Center’s Founder


Ahmed Abdullah Al-Juffali

Born in Makkah to a prominent Najdi family from Oneiza in 1924, the late Ahmed Abdullah Al-Juffali developed at a very young age, a passion for ‘entrepreneurship’ that complemented his intuitive sense of philanthropy.

As early as the 1940’s, the late Ahmed Al-Juffali founded the “Juffali Group” that played a major role in the development of many sectors in Saudi Arabia, i.e., in infrastructure with the conception of the first power utility plant in the Kingdom; additionally, in telecommunications; transportation; information technology; air-conditioning; as well as many other manufacturing, engineering, construction and distribution services. He chaired many executive positions and was a board member in several organizations, institutions, and banks

In 1985 he established the “A.J. Foundation” as a platform for himself and his family to offer assistance to larger segments of the Saudi society and worldwide. The major beneficiary of the A.J. Foundation is the Help Center, a non- profit organization, serving children with intellectual disabilities and their families.