Family Support Program

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Family Support Program

Over the years, the Help Center has developed many support programs to serve as safety nets, for the children entrusted in the hands of our specialists, and to their extended families. We consider the involvement and the emotional wellbeing of the whole family and its vital role in each child development. Thus, the following programs have been designed to serve the whole family:

-“Fathers Support Program”: The involvement of the father is an important requirement in establishing the relationship between the family and the Center.

-“Siblings Support Program”: This program works as a platform for Siblings to exchange their experience and support each other.

-“Grand Parents Support Program” is tailored as a solid ground to acquire information about their grandchildren.

-“The Linking Support Program” for parents whose children have been enrolled at the Help Center for several years to share their experiences with the new parents.

-“My Family And I After The Help Center Program” is created to function as a security shield to ensure those who completed the Early Intervention program by reaching 3 years of age and those who graduated at 18yrs of age, will continue to have productive life after the center.